CHaRT Advisory Group

The CHaRT Advisory Group meet every 6-7 weeks. Researchers are invited to submit proposals for clinical trials at any time, please use CHaRT's guidance for Outline Proposals

Membership 2018

Graeme MacLennan, CHaRT Director and Advisory Group chair

Siladitya Bhattacharya, Director of IAHS and Head of Division of Applied Health Sciences

Louise Cotterell, HSRU Administrator

Maggie Cruickshank, Interim R&D Director

Marijn de Bruin, Chair in Health Psychology

Graham Devereux, Consultant Physician

Mark Forrest, CHaRT Senior IT Manager

Katie Gillies, MRC Methodology Research Fellow

Amanda Lee, Deputy Head of Division of Applied Health Sciences

Kirsty McCormack, CHaRT Research Manager

Alison McDonald, CHaRT Senior Trial Manager

Craig Ramsay, HSRU Unit Director

Graham Scotland, HSRU/HERU Senior Research Fellow

Juliette Snow, Business Development Officer

Ruth Thomas, CHaRT Research Manager

Shaun Treweek, Chair in Health Services Research

Samantha Wileman, CHaRT/HSRU Quality Assurance Manager